Finnish National Theatre

The Finnish National Theatre is the oldest Finnish speaking professional theatre in Finland.

My role

Brand design, UI design, UX, art direction

Design tools

Adobe XD, Illustrator


Karhu Helsinki





Design & experience

As the theatre didn't have a brand manual to consult I had an opportunity to create a new brand look from the ground up. The goal was to create a design that stands out from the rest of the theater field while being extremely accessible to any demographic.

User experience, heatmap testing and user interviews were conducted on the old site to identify existing pitfalls on user journey. I was provided with user personas with weight value for each to take into account in designing the UI and experience. The main goal of the website is to funnel a way to buy a ticket to a play with as few clicks and detours as possible while serving a quality experience and offering all relevant information.

The website also hosts its own streaming service like section called Virta (Stream) to easily access all the collateral content created for the theatre and plays like podcasts, teaser & trailers, behind the scenes material and filmed plays.

Including different screen sizes and functionalities I designed 60 layouts for the project.

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