Fiskars Group

With a family of lifestyle brands including Fiskars, Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford, and Wedgwood, Fiskars Group's vision is to create a positive, lasting impact on our quality of life.

My role

UI design lead, UX, art direction

Design tools

Adobe XD, Illustrator


Karhu Helsinki





fiskars-group-cover3 fiskars-group-cover-new-site

I had the opportunity to design a facelift for the existing website I had also previously designed for Fiskars Group. The challenge was to deploy existing Wordpress modules and content for the new cleaner look.

With both website projects Fiskars Group's Design Manager had developed a great brandbook to consult for typography, shape language and color and provided me with source materials like icons and brand photography that I could apply in a creative way.

Including desktop, laptop, pad and phone layouts I re-designed 42 screens for the facelift project based on 55 previous designs I had made for the old website.

Design System


A UX researcher created user personas and conducted heat map charting to understand current user journeys which I was able to take account of in designing the interface and user experience.

As the website is for a company owning a portfolio of brands it hosts a variety of demographic visiting for different information sources. We needed to serve people from all walks of life from investors to potential employees and current employees to general public and customers looking for an easy way to contact a specific brand in any matter of business.

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