Association of Finnish Pharmacies Extranet

The Association of Finnish pharmacies (AFP), founded in 1897, is a professional organization of proprietary pharmacists.

My role

UI design lead, UX, art directing

Design tools

Adobe XD, Illustrator


Karhu Helsinki





Design & experience

The goal was to make a clean and accessible easy to use extranet service for pharmacist all over the country to use in their daily work. I had a brandbook to consult for colors, fonts and imagery.

As the service is an extranet for specific professionals for specific information user personas and target demographics were well known and addressed in the project specifications. Heatmap charting was conducted on the old extranet to better understand how users were navigating the service and how to improve the experience as a whole and offer relevant information effeciently in appropriate sections over the journey. A well working predictive smart site wide search function is the heart of the service.

I designed 38 templates and views including various screen sizes for mobile devices.

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